Waking up early is cheating


For most people the problem isn't lack of information, it's lack of action.
Taking action is hard and consistently taking action is even harder.

Building a habit makes it easier, but how do you build a habit?
There's thousands of hacks or step by step guides on the internet.
There's also thousands of distractions and viable excuses to skip a day.

What if there was some special way to get rid of the distractions & excuses?
There is, it's called waking up early.

I first heard the idea from this book and my initial reaction was "oh shit, thats allowed?"
It almost felt like cheating.
Waking up early started my 8~ year habit of exercising and completely changed my life.
I hope the idea can bring you some power too.

But I need my 7-8 hours

So don't sleep less than that.

But I'd just be moving my free time from the evening to the morning then.
That doesn't sound like a game changer. I could be doing my habits in the evening.

Yes you could, but are you?
How many distractions are there between 21-23?
How energized are you between 21-23?
How well do you sleep if you finish working on your habit at 23?

But I'm groggy in the morning

This is a bullshit excuse. You may be groggy right when you wake up but after you've taken a cold shower and gotten dressed you're not.
If you don't like cold showers you can take a hot one or a brisk walk instead.


The world isn't expecting anything from you. The world is sleeping.

Who is gonna bother you to respond to an email at 05:30?
Who is gonna bother you about the netflix password at 05:30?

Distractions in the early morning barely exist. You will be able to work in peace.


Every early morning looks the same and almost every evening looks different.
What environment do you think is better for building a consistent habit?

Best hours

You're alone, your mind is refreshed and clear.
You're not thinking about what happened today or what's going to happen tomorrow.

You can put all your effort into the task at hand without competing thoughts.

Snowball effect

Starting the day on a win is a snowball effect. Consider how much worse your day gets when you miss your train and show up for work 30 minutes late. Your entire day sucks. This is the opposite of that.

You'll feel like a winner all day.

Can't lose

No matter how useless you are for the rest of your day you will have made progress towards your most important habit. That is a powerful way to live